Tuberculosis Alert

By Denise Harroff—

Managing Editor

Tarleton students and staff received a tuberculosis notice on campus today.

At 9:45 a.m., Bridgette Bednarz from the Tarleton Health Services sent a mass email to alert of a tuberculosis warning on campus. The email noted that testing is being conducted on multiple students and faculty, but “no one is in immediate danger.”

Health Services will test students and faculty who have received letters from the Texas Department of State Health Services for tuberculosis free of charge.

A few facts about tuberculosis were listed in the email, such as:

“TB is easily prevented and cured with medication.

It is not easy to contract TB.

TB is completely curable with modern antibiotics.”

A separate email from Director of Risk Management and Compliance Kent Styron stated, “Tuberculosis requires prolonged close contact.  It is NOT easily communicable.”

Styron added, “Please review the facts about tuberculosis at the DSHS website at the CDC website at www.cdc.gove/tb/faqs.”

If you have come into close, prolonged contact with someone who had tuberculosis, please contact Tarleton Heath Services at (254) 968-9271. They are located on the second floor of the Thompson Student Center.

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