Two sex offenses reported to campus police the first week of school

By Bethany Kyle—

Two on-campus sex offenses were reported to campus police yesterday afternoon. One case is of reported forcible fondling and the second is a reported sexual assault. A campus-wide email notifying the campus community of the incidents stated that both took place in on-campus residential housing and both suspects were “known to the victim at the time of the assault.”

The email stated that the first of the two reported incidents took place in Legends Hall. The incident occurred around 11:30 p.m. Saturday night and was not initially reported to police, but after being encouraged to do so by a friend, the victim reported it to the campus police yesterday around 2:30 p.m.

The email stated that the report was of “forcible fondling” and that “the suspect entered the victim’s residence, forced the victim onto the bed and forcibly groped the victim’s private area without consent.  The suspect then fled after groping the victim.”

Interim Police Chief Alvin Allcon said that he is not sure that the victim wants to pursue the suspect criminally at this time and at this point they only have an informational report and are complying with regulations in place before moving forward with an investigation.

The second incident reported in the email was of a reported sexual assault that took place in Ferguson Hall at 1:30 a.m. Wednesday and then was reported to campus police at 3:20 later that day.

The email states that the victim of this report does not want to make a report with campus police. The email notice reported that “in this case, the suspect was visiting the victim and began to make unwanted contact.  When asked to stop the incident progressed to a sexual assault.”

Allcon said that this incident will also be investigated, but will have different protocol because the victim does not want to go directly to university police. Because of this, the report will not be criminal but will go through administration.

Allcon said that “we are already seeing more awareness” about the options students have for reporting an assault and for getting support after it has occurred as a response to university programs and that it is the increased awareness that is encouraging students to come forward to the university police or residential leaders.

Tarleton spokesman Harry Battson said that the university is pleased that the additional awareness training is resulting in incidents being reported.

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