Voter registration deadline approaches

By Dalton Wolverton—

Staff Writer

The 2016 presidential election could prove to be one of the most attention-garnering races in recent history. With the primary election right around the corner and the voter registration deadline approaching even more quickly, anyone interested in voting in the primary should register by Monday, Feb. 1.

“I think it’s important for people to get out and vote,” said Erath County Clerk Gwinda Jones. “I think this election will be a big one.”

Both the Democratic and Republican primary elections are happening in Texas on March 1, and Texas voters do not have to register with either political party to be able to vote in the primary. They must simply register to vote.

More information on the primary election can be found online at Those interested in voting can pick up a voter registration ballot from the Erath County courthouse or at most other county offices. Be sure to check back with Texan News Service for more information on the election as the primary approaches.

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