Water tower undergoes facelift

water tower current

The iconic landmark will get an updated look.
(Photo by Azia Branson)

By Azia Branson—

According to Nick Williams, director of Public Works for the city of Stephenville, it’s about time for some rehabilitation of the elevated storage tank, more commonly know as the water tower, located at the corner of Garfield Ave. and Shirley St.

The water tower has come to be one of the most iconic landmarks on Tarleton’s campus. Since it is located on the Tarleton campus, a common misconception is that Tarleton owns the water tower. The tower actually serves the city of Stephenville and is owned by the city. The construction to take place is standard maintenance, but the new Tarleton State University image is getting refurbished and repainted.

Williams also informed Texan News Service that the construction will be done by American Suncraft, based out of Medway, Ohio. The total cost of construction is $536,000 wile the new image was bid at $7,500.

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