Wendy’s comes to Stephenville

By: Nicholas Ratcliff 

Multimedia Journalist

The City of Stephenville recently opened its first Wendy’s on August 11 to a large crowd of people ready to eat at the town’s newest restaurant. 

The Wendy’s had finished construction halfway through May but decided to remain closed until recently due to the restrictions that were put in place because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Locals are not the only ones who are excited about the new grand opening.  

When asked about the opening, Matthew Flores, a student at Tarleton State University stated, “I was very excited! It’s always great to have another option for food in town, and Wendy’s was an awesome edition.” 

Flores wasn’t the only Tarleton student who wanted Wendy’s to open.  

Matthew Perales stated, “Nothing can beat the 4 for 4, you get a burger, fries, nuggets and a drink all for 4 bucks.” 

With all this buzz it’s no surprise that the drive-through line is almost always wrapped around the building since the grand opening. 

Photo courtesy of Nickolas Ratcliff.
Cars wrapped around the Drive-In during Wendy’s Grand Opening.

Tarleton student Riley Babcock expressed how the Wendys, “Didn’t disappoint! The line was long but moved fast, the food was great and the employees were super nice and efficient.” 

Wendy’s was just the first step in a recent attempt by the town of Stephenville to increase the number of businesses in the area. Stephenville has also announced a 23-million-dollar retail development center that will be located close to the Walmart on Washington Street and is hoping it is as successful as the Wendy’s. 

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