Wrapup of campus crimes reported in December, January

By Forrest Murphy—

Tarleton students’ most beloved area of campus can’t seem to catch a break. Of the 43 criminal incidents reported to the TSU police department between last December and this January, 11 occurred in the university’s often maligned parking lots. However, the remaining 32 incidents were more spaced out in terms of location.

On Dec. 5, a Class C assault occurred at the intersection of Jones and Lilian St, for which a citation was issued.

Two separate thefts ranging between $50 and $500 each occurred at the Student Rec Center on Jan. 8 and Jan. 15 respectively. As no suspects or witnesses were found in either case, both were eventually closed.

On Jan. 25, another assault occurred in Heritage Hall, a case which was reported the following day and has since remained open.

For students like Tasia Morrison, a junior education major, situations like these shouldn’t be taking place on campus.

“I don’t think any crime is acceptable,” Morrison said. “School is somewhere you should feel safe.”

Perhaps unavoidable on a university campus, two instances of public intoxication transpired over the course of the last two months at TSU along with two parties, both of which occurred on Jan. 10, but at separate locations.

In regards to the parking lot violations, there was one instance of public intoxication (one of the above-mentioned), one of possession of marijuana, four vehicular accidents, three instances of failing to meet parking regulations, one burglary of a vehicle, and one report of criminal mischief.

Communication studies major Mark Smith, sophomore, believes that if more attention were diverted to increasing parking space, incidents like accidents and violations for parking in the wrong places could be averted.

“If everyone had more accessible parking available to them, a lot of this could be prevented from happening,” Smith said.

In contrast, the university was that of all the halls on campus, not one experienced more than a handful of criminal incidents (Legends had the most with four) in the above time span.

To combat such conduct, the TSU police department has utilized a variety of methods including self-defense seminars like R.A.D. (Rape Aggression Defense) for female students, after dark escorts, and instructional programs highlighting to students how to protect their property.







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